A Boy on the Wild Side is a fan-made episode of Robotboy that focuses on Clyde the Wild Boy in his very first appearance.


Tommy and his friends meet Clyde, a child who comes from the wild. He frees some of the local zoo animals. which makes him get put to jail by Vance Cosgrove.


The episode begins out in a wild forest, with Franny the elephant eating some peanuts. She almost gets attacked by wild tiger when Clyde comes to rescue her. That same tiger ends up getting in a net by a truck. As Clyde follows it out of curiousity, Vance Cosgrove plans on taking it as an attraction for the new Bay Area Zoo. Along the way, Tommy, Lola , and Gus end up encountering Clyde for the very first time, and they explain to him that those "beasts" were machines, and not really animals. Clyde thinks they're magical and tries to "worship them." Instead, the suggest to him a game of dodgeball, which he gladly accepts.

As Clyde plays dodgeball with them (as well as meet their teacher, Janet Wolfgang), Vance decides to distract Franny while also capturing her for the zoo. Robotboy sees this and warns the others of what had just happened. They all follow him to the zoo, and Clyde sets the other animals free during a welcoming ceremony from Vance Cosgrove. However, the superior figure catches him in the act and has him arrested. While Clyde's in jail, Tommy and Lola inflate a fake doll by dressing it as Clyde's mother. They go into his cell and he comes back out acting like that same mother. The guard checks up on him when the doll inflates and goes out the window.

Considering Clyde has "escaped" from prison, the guards go after him. Back at the zoo, Clyde finally frees Franny, only for all of them to get caught by Vance once again. In the meantime, the tiger creeps up behind him and starts chasing him. Clyde tames the tiger and Vance Cosgrove thanks him for saving his life. He offers him anything, and so Clyde wants all the fish set free, and this is done. Clyde decides to leave the Bay Area to go back into the wild, and for a brief moment Vance is locked in a cage.

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  • This episode marks the first official appearances of both Clyde and Franny.

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A Boy on the Wild Side/Transcript

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