Booker is a one-time character and a nerdy orphan from "The Homely Home for Homeless Kids" who only appears in the Season 1 episode "Cleaning Day". After Tommy's mom gave away all his toys to an orphanage, including Robotboy, he was given Robotboy and his Activation Watch. He gets bullied by Lennie and the 2 other bullies of the Homely Home for Homeless Kids and got adopted by his new parents in the end of the episode. He will make a proper return in TBA.

Trivia Edit

  • He has a British accent.
  • Unlike the finished episode, the prototype script of Cleaning Day, "Halloween", says that Booker's new parent are scientists.
    • In the same script, Booker says he never had friends before he met Robotboy.
  • He can be seen in many various episodes as a cameo. Judging by his cameo appearances he seems to have a good life.

International Dubs Edit

Language Voice Actor/Actress
Swedish Dick "Rune" Eriksson
Danish Christian Damsgaard
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