"Magic?! I do not work with magic! I mean, technically, it's not magic, it's alchemy. So yeah, don't sweat it.
- Cleo, Meeting with the Alchemist


Cleo Coleman is a young alchemist. She does alchemy and other cool things. She is voiced by Cherami Leigh. In the live-action films, she is portrayed by Jojo Siwa.

Appearance Edit

Cleo is a girl who has blonde hair, a bow, red and black clothes and shoes.

Personality Edit

She is kind-hearted, caring, and energetic, and an intelligent, but clumsy scientist, inventor, and alchemist. She sometimes loses her temper when Bjorn or Protoboy makes her mad.

Relationships Edit

Robotboy Edit

"I am so sorry, my prince."
-Cleo apologizing to Robotboy after using the neutralizing particle.

Trivia Edit

  • Her personality is similar to Varian in Tangled: The Series. Although, she doesn't turn evil like him.
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