Clyde's Jungle Slumber Party is a fan-made epiosde of Robotboy that focuses on Clyde the Wild Boy and Tommy Turnbull.


Tommy and his friends struggle with whether to attend Clyde's jungle sleepover or Janet Wolfgang's awesome pool party.


At school, Tommy, Lola, Gus, and Katie are are excited for Clyde's first ever sleepover at his jungle home. Suddenly, their gym teacher, Janet Wolfgang arrives, and announces that she finally got a new swimming pool, and is inviting them to her party to celebrate. The kids are bummed, since they'd like to come, but decide to stay with Clyde, since it's his first sleepover. Janet, however, says they can come as late as they want.

In Clyde's jungle, Clyde is giving a tour of the jungle for his friends. Once they're done, Clyde says that they can start having fun now. Throughout the sleepover, the kids have fun jumping hippos, riding on an elephant, swinging on vines and playing hide-and-seek. Throughout all these activities, the quartet keep getting calls from their classmates showing all of the fun things they're missing out on at the pool party, such a make-your-own sandwich station, a tattoo station, and the pool, where Bambi plans on beating Tommy's cannonball record. Not wanting to miss out on the things that look like fun, the kids suggest that they tire Clyde out so they can sneak out. After drinking a glass of elephant's water, Clyde finally falls asleep, leading the others to finally sneak out.

Arriving to Janet Wolfgang's pool party, the kids attempt get in on the enjoyment. Gus heads to the make-your-own sandwich station, Katie heads to the tattoo station, and Tommy and Lola head to the pool. Unfortunately, the kids quickly run in various problems: Gus accidentally puts hot sauce on his sandwich instead of ketchup, making his face swell up (since he's allergic to hot sauce), Katie's hair falls off when it is discovered that the hair dye she put on can be damaging to redheads, and Tommy and Lola have to swim in their underwear when there are no available swimsuits (and Janet's dog took their clothes). Realizing that the party is not as fun as they thought, the boys decide to head back to Clyde's. However, when trying to sneak out, the kids are exposed in front of everyone, making everyone pull out their cameras, and record the embarrassing scene. Upon leaving, Tommy attempts to get his and Lola's clothes back, but the dog ends up ripping them up.

The next day, the kids wake up, and Clyde reveals that he knew that the kids snuck out last night because of their current conditions, and thanks to Robotboy's monitor. Regardless, Clyde is willing to forgive them because of their comeuppance (their humiliation being posted online) and decides to give them a beef breakfast. As they eat, Clyde reveals that he slaughtered his favorite elephant, Franny, to make the beef, since she lost a water wrestling match yesterday, making Lola pass out and Gus to go and hurl. Suddenly, Franny is revealed to be perfectly fine, revealing it was just a joke, but Clyde warns the viewers to never cross him again, leaving Tommy, Robotboy, and Katie speechless at what they've just witnessed.



  • Dr. Kamikazi and Constantine don't appear in this episode.
  • According to Tommy, he currently holds the title for best cannonball because he was unable to compete against Bambi to defend it, there's a possibility that Bambi now holds the title for best cannonball.
  • This episode reveals that Gus is allergic to hot sauce,
  • This episode also reveals Clyde's other favorite animal, a California sea lion.
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