Clyde and the Stolen Loincloth is a fan-made epiosde of Robotboy that focuses on Clyde the Wild Boy.


Dr. Kamikazi poses as Clyde in order to steal Robotboy.


At school, during lunch time, Tommy asks the cafeteria lady for seconds of what's on the menu so he'll feed his friend Clyde the Wild Boy some of his food. The cafeteria lady obliges and hands him a cheeseburger with french fries. Near the window, Tommy delivers Clyde the food and Clyde thanks Tommy for the offer, and he eats it, and before he leaves, he promises to meet Tommy after school.

Later, Clyde returns to his home in the jungle and heads for the nearest river. has Franny act as his shower trunk, and Clyde rips off his loincloth. He picks it up, sniffs it, and hangs it on a hook, He resumes his bath after he does this.

Meanwhile, Dr. Kamikazi is lurking around the jungle. Then, he notices Clyde's loincloth hanging on a hook. He takes it, locks Clyde outside, and brings Clyde's loincloth to the his lair. He motorizes the loincloth and moves it to Tommy's house, pretending to be Clyde. Tommy is happy to see "Clyde" again, but notices that "he's" wearing glasses. "Clyde" replies that he can see better with them now. Tommy believes "him," of course. Dr. Kamikazi asks Tommy for Robotboy tips or information.

After some short tips from Tommy, Lola walks in through the door at the corner of the kitchen and declares that she is leaving Robotboy out in plain sight by setting it down on a table. Dr. Kamikazi cheers happily, since stealing Robotboy is now much easier.

Meanwhile, Clyde finishes his bath. He wraps a towel around his body and walks over to dry his "stinky loincloth." However, his loincloth is gone. Finding himself locked in, he breaks down the door of the bathroom, fully aware that someone must have stolen it. He then flings the towel off himself, gets on Franny, and runs off to find the culprit, who's possibly wanting to sell his loincloth on the Bay Area black market. However, the Bay Area residences make fun of him, calling him a "hairless seal," a "nudist feral," and a "naked mole-rat." Clyde finds a speedo to cover his "hind end," but it overheats, gets brittle, and shatters into pieces when he warms his body by a vent.

At Tommy's house, Tommy is giving Dr. Kamikazi an irritating lesson where he has to fix up Robotboy, but he is always off by a random amount. He gives up, steals Robotboy, and tries to escape. The real Clyde enters the house and stops him in the nick of time. He then puts back on his loincloth and pours mustard on Kamikazi's eyes. He kicks Dr. Kamikazi out of Tommy's house, and the cops come over and take Dr. Kamikazi away.



  • This is one of the few episodes where Clyde appears naked throughout the whole episode, minus the beginning and the ending.
  • This episode reveals that Clyde takes off his loincloth to take baths.
  • Impersonating someone is considered a serious crime.
  • This is the first and only time Clyde has been called a mole-rat.
  • Irony: Clyde could've just gotten spare clothes while he could go find Dr. Kamikazi instead of going nude.
  • This episode reveals that the Bay Area has a black market.
  • The episode is similar to Tommy and the Clothing Thief.
  • Gus does not appear in this episode.
  • This episode was based on the Spongebob episode "Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy," except done right.
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