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Clyde the Wild Boy is a Tarzan-like 10 year old boy who lives along the outskirts of the Bay Area. He is friendly with the other kids and Robotboy, even if he's misunderstood at times. He is voiced by Nika Futterman.


Not much is known about Clyde's past, and before meeting Tommy Turnbull and his friends, his only faithful companion was Franny, his pet elephant. Upon meeting the other kids and Robotboy, he rescues animals from the local zoo. This angers Vance Cosgrove, who has him sent to jail for a short time (A Boy On the Wild Side). Throughout the series, he learns to acquire proper English, attends middle school, and joins the kids on their many adventures (The Hurricane of Doom, Elephantitis, Lola's Teddy Bear, and Kurt's Revenge).


Clyde is the Tarzan Boy type who lives in the jungle. Although he’s more or less the heroic type of person in the series, much similar to Tommy. However, he has been known for his strength and can sometimes show off. He also has a huge crush on Tommy's PE teacher, Janet Wolfgang.

Sometimes, despite his kind personality, he can be really ticked off, if anyone makes fun of him and calls him names like a "half-naked animal," "jungle boy," or "nudist cast out," his face will turn red and he'll jump out of his loincloth and fight his villains into surrendering, ultimately stating "I tell you, no one can out stand me, Clyde, the Wild Boy of the jungle!" before soon realizing he's naked and covers himself up until his loincloth back on. Eventually, he got used to nudity and he ended up appearing naked more frequently as the series went on.


Janet WolfgangEdit

Clyde has been known to fancy Janet throughout the course of the series. In fact, it has been hinted that she kind of liked him too. (The Pool Party, Elephantitis)


Clyde and Gus have an on-and-off relationship with each other, but over time, they became friends and went on adventures together.


He is a tan-skinned little boy. He also wears a loincloth, and usually has Franny by his side.


  • He prefers to live in the wild, as the civilization is "too much for him"
  • He knows the cure for Elephantitis to cure Tommy's elephant transformation.
  • He has been known to fancy Janet Wolfgang.


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