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General Yakitori is a recurring villain on Robotboy. He is a famous villain whom is consider to be superior than Dr. Kamikazi and has been awarded for the best Evil Genius 60 times in a row from the Evil Genius Industry. Though he had never before heard of Robotboy until he was challenged for a bet between him and Kamikazi to see who's the better villain for the one who catches Robotboy.


He appears as a cyborg with one mechanical arm he can remove and a mechanical leg that also is a little telescope. He might have been born as a human but after many years of being an evil genius he might have lost his arm and leg and replaced them with artificial design. His face might also been damaged from battles which he has a cyborg-looking face. He also wears military general-esque clothes with a hat. His voice sounds pretty robotic which he might be using a replaced voice modulator so he can speak again.


  • Of all the episodes of the series General Yakitori has appeared in only 4 episodes (or 5 if you count his cameo on "The Manchurian Robot".)
  • Along with Felonious Hexx and Bjorn Bjornson, he's another villain that Lola has never faced before, although she does mention him on the episode "Gus's Mix" while building a dummy replica of him for Robotboy to fight with.
  • Apparently he has been able to defeat Robotboy twice on episodes "A Tale Of Two Evil Geniuses" and "Everybody loves grandma".
  • In A Tale Of Two Evil Geniuses, he could speak normally, but in later episodes, he needs to pull a cord connected to his chin to be able to speak. However in "Everybody Loves Grandma" he seems to have fixed his voice.
  • There is a theory he could be Bjorn Bjornson's father.

International Dubs

Language Voice Actor/Actress
Swedish Steve Kratz
Danish Peter Røschke