Gilbert is a one-time villain who appears in the episode Knockoffs. He was the clerk on the Electronics Hut store which Gus Turner considered everything including batteries are junk because they broke after 2 days. He got inspired by Robotboy and started selling clones of him. However, the clones he created were very unstable and exploded, shortly after super-activation. After they all exploded, Gilbert escaped and promised to make an even better robot in the future, and sell it to the world. He returned in Mass RoDuced, where he created Robokid and attempted to make copies of him to sell to the world.

Trivia Edit

  • He is based on Napoleon Dynamite. He tends to say "gosh", like Napoleon Dynamite.
  • This character resembles the football referee from "Foot Brawl", however it is unknown if he's supposed to be the same character or someone related.
  • His exact age is unknown. But Gus said that he would get Robotboy to kick his "geeky teenage butt" if he didn’t get him a new Gamebuddy.
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