Part 1[edit | edit source]

[Episode begins in streets of The Bay Area. Super-activated Robotboy, Katie, Jessica, Tommy, Lola, Super-activated Robotgirl, Gus, Krystal, Perry, Melanie, Oliver, Conrad, Ethan, Cleo, and Shannon crash through the warehouse district, being chased by the Kazi-Yetis.]

Katie: Gus, you were only supposed to create a distraction!

Gus: Dudette, that was a distraction!

Tommy: How many of those exposures did you use?

Gus: I don't know, Tommy, all of it?!

Tommy and his friends: Gus!

Tommy: Geez, that was way too many.

Krystal: Yep!

Cleo: Guys, we have more of our fan club up ahead!

[The gang makes a turn.]

Conrad: They're still after us!

[The Kazi-Yetis start to shoot laser guns.]

Ethan: These guys are taking this personally!

Tommy: Gus! Robotboy blew up Kamikazi's facility, and installed their EMP. Other than your father's old finger, I'd say it's about as personal as it can get.

Robotboy (super-activated): All right, guys! Time for Phase 2!

Gus: Phase 2?! What happened to Phase 1?!

Shannon: Gus, don't you remember Moshimo's plane? We know that we're too young to drive, but we drove our cars out, but you?

Gus: C'mon, the engine was just seized up.

Katie: It's involved this season.

Shannon: Just follow Robotboy's lead, okay? And whatever you do, don't think.

Robotboy (super-activated) : All right, Robotgirl! Drop it!

Robotgirl (super-activated): Bombs away!

[Super-activated Robotgirl pushes the wrecking ball.]

Robotboy (super-activated): Split now!

[The gang splits.]

Gus: Holy crud!

Kazi-Yeti: Look out!

[The wrecking ball hits the Kazi-Yetis.]

Katie: We did it!

Tommy: Great job, Ro!

Robotboy (super-activated) : Thanks, Tommy!

Katie: Let's hope that there're no other baddies coming after us.

Robotboy (super-activated) We sure will.

Katie: Robotboy, you were amazing. And I wanted to tell you one thing.

Robotboy (super-activated) What's that, Katie?

Katie: I... love yo-

Melanie: Hey, what's that heading towards us?

Oliver: Dark lightning bolt! Make a run for it!

Katie: That was dangerous!

Lola: Who are you two?

Lord Darkness: I'm Lord Darkness, and this is my wife, Malara. We're not here to terrorize the Bay Area, we only came here to get Robotboy.

All: WHAT?!

Robotboy (super-activated): No way! I'm not going to turn against my friends!

Lord Darkness: So be it!

[Lord Darkness shoots dark lightning on Robotboy and becomes unconscious. Lord Darkness takes Robotboy.]


Katie: No! Stop! (Lord Darkness and Malara disappear.) ROBOTBOY!!

[Gus and Tommy freak out. Katie is about to cry, but she refuses and clutches her fists.]

Tommy: What are we gonna do? (realizes Katie isn't crying.) Katie, why aren't you crying?

Katie: I'm part tomboy. I used to be a crybaby ever since I was a kid, but then I learned that it's okay to cry sometimes.

Tommy: Really?

Katie: Yes! Everyone, we're gonna tell Professor Moshimo, and we're gonna get Robotboy back! I think I know someone in Robotboy's family who can help. If it's a villain, don't get mad at me, okay?

Tommy: Okay, be careful.

Katie: I'll meet you at Moshimo's lab. I promise.

(Katie gets on her motor-scooter, Cleo gets on it and they ride off)

Lola: Good luck!

[Scene cuts to Lord Darkness' castle, Robotboy is strapped up, he starts to wake up.]

Robotboy (super-activated): Ohm, where am I?

Lord Darkness: You're in my castle.

Robotboy (super-activated): Let me go!

Malara: Oh, we'll let you go, after my husband turns you into Dark Robotboy.

Lord Darkness: Malara's right, because you have the strongest super-activation.

Robotboy (super-activated): It doesn't matter what you do to me! My friends will stop you!!

Lord Darkness: You will destroy anyone who tries to stop us! So if they try, you will end up destroying them! There is nothing you can do, Robotboy! Because as of right now, you belong to me!

[Lord Darkness shoots dark lightning at Robotboy, and he starts to turn to Dark Robotboy. His dark-blue hands, ears, mask, and feet turn black, and his red eyes turn purple.]

Dark Robotboy: And I will always belong to you, master.

[End of Part 1]

Part 2[edit | edit source]

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