Janet Wolfgang

Janet Wolfgang

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Kurt's Father
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The Swimming Contest
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The PE Teacher Janet Wolfgang is a recurring character in the series. She is the gym teacher at the school of Tommy and Gus. She is voiced by Laurence Bouvard.

Personality Edit

Wolfgang is very strict and looks very angry at all times. She let the kids train very hard and under heavy conditions during PE lessons. She wants them to feel the pain and become friends with the pain. It seems like she isn't very popular among the students. Wolfgang also seems to not care about children who are disabled, and lets them work as hard as the average children, or let them make easy targets for Kurt during dodge-ball. Janet does have a sensitive side however for Tommy, eventually becoming a very good friend of his. She sometimes has a tendency to have the kids either come to PE class in either just their underwear or sometimes just naked.

Appearance Edit

Wolfgang wears her red hair in a bun and wears white shorts, with a white sports hoodie that exposes her bare midriff. She also carries a silver whistle around her neck with a red cord. When teaching swimming, she wears a blue bikini but still carries her whistle around her neck. Sometimes, she can be seen wearing a sleeveless blue sports bra and blue shorts.

Trivia Edit

  • She is the only adult in the series who has a crush on Tommy Turnbull and Clyde the Wild Boy.
  • Her voice tends to change from episode to episode. In "Kurt's Father", her voice had a bit of an accent, was deep, and had a drill-sergeant tone. In "The Boy Who Cried Kamikazi", she sounded a bit like Robotboy (granted because Laurence voiced them both) and her voice was nasally. In "Tween for a Day", her voice was a little softer and higher-pitched.
  • Apparently, the school isn't very strict on dress code (or anything else for that matter, including whom they hire without doing background checks), considering they allowed her to wear a skimpy gym outfit while teaching 10-year old students.

Gallery Edit

Janet Wolfgang Blows the Whistle
Training Hard for Swimming

"Once you're finished with your sit ups, you can head back into the pool without anything on! Except for the girls, they can keep their swimsuits on!

Janet speaking through her whistle

"Get rid of those clothes..."


"Or none of you kids will go for a naked swimming lesson!"

Janet Finds Love in Clyde

"You look kind of cute, for a ten-year old feral boy that is."

Janet on Swimming

"Hit the showers, we're going to the pool!

Janets Training Suit

Janet's Training Outfit

Janet Wolfgang Being a Hard Coach

"Get ready for training, boys!"

Clyde Attracted to Janet

"With that whistle and that bare midriff outfit, you sure are hot!"

Janet Pressuring Clyde

"If you want your loincloth back, you need to exercise naked!"

Janet Beach Ball

"How about a nice game of beach ball balancing?"

Clyde Kissing Janet

Clyde kisses his crush.

Janet Weight Lifts

Janet shows a naked Clyde weight lifting.

Janet Blows a Powerful Whistle

Blow that Whistle, Wolfgang!

Janet Whistling Around

Walking and Whistling

Teeth Whistle Blowing

Drop and stroke your trunks! (blows whistle)

Volleyball Wolfgang

Ready for nudist volleyball

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