Klaus Von Affenkugel, also known as Klausie, is a recurring villian in Robotboy.


Affenkugel lives a life that is both blessed and cursed. He is obscenely wealthy to the degree he has his own form of currency. He lives in a large castle and could afford to buy the very best of everything. Yet desires the one thing his money cannot truly buy, a strong body.

Klaus was born with an incredibly weak body that never grew past the size of a small child. His limbs are all thin and warped. He is so physically lacking be can barely lift a pen to paper and cannot eat food that has not been pureed. He is in need of constant 24 hour care by his servant/henchman/nurse orangutan Ludwig who carries him around in a chest harness like a baby.

Cruel and unsympathetic to his sad condition, Klaus has been bullied both mentally and physically by adults, children and animals alike. Even squirrels would throw acorns at him for no reason other than to torment him. Affenkugel has dedicated every penny he has to attaining real strength and is willing to disregard the law to do it.

Having found Professor Moshimo he begged the man to build him a strong robot body, but Moshimo said he could not at the time because he was moving. Unwilling to wait the tiny billionaire had his ape attack only to be repelled by Miumiu.

Affenkugel now dedicates his money to capturing Moshimo's creation Robotboy so he can use his robot parts as power armour for himself.


Affenkugel has experienced a sad life and he wants everyone to know it. Most episodes he is in, he tells a story about how he was picked on for being weak.

Having been bullied even into his adult life by those uncaring of his disability, Klaus is bitter and resentful towards others, even those who didn't have anything to do with him, and has no problem picking on bullies whenever he gets the chance to do so. One example of this comes from when he bullied a group of children during an episode where he had attained a fit and muscular body.

Trivia Edit

  • Every time Klaus makes his physical appearance his theme pays tribute to the recognizable classic Symphony No. 5 by Ludwig van Beethoven. Interestingly his assistant Ludwig is named after the composer himself.
  • Along with his assistant Ludwig, he has appeared in 7 episodes.
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