"Let Me Make You Proud" is a song featured in the episode Katie's Destiny. It is sung by Katie Jones, who is inspiring herself and musing about her chances to save Robotboy from Protoboy.

Vocalist Edit


Katie: Maybe I make things a mess~

And maybe you're right to have doubts in me~

Maybe, but nevertheless~

If you for once could just trust me~

Just this once let me come through for you~

The way that you want me to~

Let me make you proud~

Let me show you the best in me~

Let me give you a reason to believe that I can stand tall~

And when I return~

And I'm more than you dreamt I'd be~

Maybe then you will realize that you never actually knew me at all.

Sure, I've made lots of mistakes~

I know that I've disappointed you~

Still, though, whatever it takes~

I'm gonna fix it, just watch me~

Just you wait, I'll make it up to you~

If it's the last thing I ever do~

I will make you proud~

I will make you have faith in me~

I will prove that the way I used to be is all in the past~

I will save the day~

And come back here triumphantly~

'Cause I long for that look of surprise when you see your love rising at last~

The pride in your eyes when you see your love rising at last.

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