Lola's Bad Cold is a fan-made episode of Robotboy that focuses on Lola and Clyde.


Lola has a terrible cold, and she can't hang out with Tommy and his friends. Meanwhile, Clyde is on hand to help find the remedies, but they get stolen by Dr. Kamikazi.

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  • This is another sick episode. This time on Lola.
  • This is the second time Clyde shows off his muscular fighting. This time on Dr. Kamikazi and Constantine.
  • This is also the first time that Clyde puts his loincloth back off after he declares himself the winner.


  • Lola: This is terrible! (sneezes) To catch a cold! (sneezes) On the day of my playdate! (groans)
  • The Doctor: Lola, the thermometer says you have slight fever.
  • Lola: Oh no!
  • Ambassador Mbola: You're sick, Lola, you're gonna have to stay in bed for a while.
  • The Doctor: Yeah, and Tommy, you better stay away from Lola, otherwise you might catch her cold.
  • Tommy: I will, Doc. I hope you feel better soon, Lola. If you can't go out, then there will be no playdate until you get better.
  • Lola: (groans) No playdate?! Oh, but there has to be a playdate! I promised everybody. (sneezes)
  • Ambassador Mbola: Listen, daughter, you're sick, you're gonna have to stay inside for a while. Your friends will understand if there's no playdate.
  • Lola: But I really want there to be a playdate. And even if I can't go out, maybe I can still give you guys a list of things you could do.
  • Tommy: That's a good idea.

(during the confrontation between Dr. Kamikazi and Clyde)

  • Clyde: Give me back those remedies and nobody gets hurt!
  • Dr. Kamikazi: Oh, yeah? What are you going to do about it, feral child?! You gonna try to unleash your vines on me, nudist feral? (laughs)
  • Clyde: What did you just call me?! (his face turns red) Okay, I didn't want to do this, but you left me no choice. (jumps out of his loincloth and he beats down on Dr. Kamikazi.)
  • Dr, Kamikazi: Okay, Clyde! Stop it! Stop it! If you stop beating me, I'll give you back the remedies!
  • Clyde: You promise?
  • Dr. Kamikazi: Yes, I promise! Now just leave me alone! (tosses him the remedies) But you have not seen the last of me. I assure you, I'll be back. (he and Constantine run off) Run away!
  • Constantine: Every man for himself.
  • Clyde: (as he puts back on his loincloth) Like I said, nobody can stand up to me, Clyde, the Wild Boy of the Jungle! Now that I have the remedies, I can go back and help Mrs. Turnbull with the cure!

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Lola's Bad Cold/Transcript

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