Lola's Teddy Bear is a fan-made episode of Robotboy that focuses on Lola.


Lola's teddy bear, Mr. Snuggles gets stolen by a mean teenager named Kayla (Lisa Ortiz), so, she enlists the help of Clyde the Wild Boy to retrieve it.

Plot Edit

Saturday morning, Lola wakes up and brings her teddy bear, Mr. Snuggles out of bed. Knowing very well that she's planning on having a play-date with Tommy today.

At Tommy's house, Tommy wonders why Lola carries her teddy bear around, Tommy hasn't carried a teddy bear around since he was five and since Professor Moshimo gave him Robotboy. During a video game, Lola can't quite seem to put down her teddy bear, causing her to lose, and Tommy to win. Then, at lunch time, Lola pretends to feed Mr. Snuggles, leaving both Tommy and his parents quite confused. Tommy isn't sure she should have Mr. Snuggles along every time she comes to visit. Tommy explains that she loves Mr. Snuggles and there's nothing she can do to change that.

That evening, as Ambassador Mbola tucks in her daughter into bed, somebody was spying on her. A midriff baring teenager who goes by the name of Kayla Ferguson. She is jealous because her mother never bought her a teenager when she was a kid. And she decides to go sneak in and steal it. She stealthily sneaks into the room in stakeout clothing, and gently takes the teddy bear out of her hands, and she runs out of the window.

The next morning, Lola wakes up and finds Mr. Snuggles is gone! She gets so heartbroken she goes for help to Tommy. As she runs off, Kayla laughs maniacally.

Tommy, Katie and Robotboy try everything to find Mr. Snuggles, but they can't find any clues. Lola is just about ready to give up, until Clyde the Wild Boy swings in via vines. He overheard everything about Mr. Snuggles and that he once had a teddy bear, but he never found it. His elephant Franny has the senses of looking for a lost teddy bear anywhere. Franny raises her trunk and uses it like a periscope to find any footprints, she then trumpets because she finds a sign. Clyde orders Tommy to stay put, but Tommy insists they should at least take Robotboy just in case, and so, Katie, Lola, Franny, and Clyde were on their way.

Meanwhile, in Kayla's bedroom, she is quite happy to have taken such a prized possession. Until she hears the doorbell, fearing it might be the cops, but it was actually Clyde and the other three at the door. One by one, each character tried to fight off Kayla, first, Lola, pleads her to give her back Mr. Snuggles, but Kayla refuses, calling her baby, that of course hurting her feelings and running off for home. Katie then takes a turn and uses Robotboy in Superactive mode, but Kayla dodges all the attacks Robotboy places upon her, then Katie realizes that she is not was dumb as she looks. Finally, Clyde decides to take down Kayla herself, but Kayla just laughs at him and calling him names like "Jungle Boy," and "Half-Naked Animal," which angers Clyde so much that his face turns red and states "Okay, you asked for it!" He jumps out of his loincloth and fights off Kayla with all of his might, until finally pinning her down. And demands her to give up, and ultimately, she does give in, Clyde feels confident at first, but Katie informs him that his loincloth is off, and Clyde covers himself up with a pillow and tells Franny to go fetch his loincloth.

Sometime later, Kayla's mother and Kayla are at the door of Lola's house (with her mother holding Kayla's right hand tightly) and holding Mr. Snuggles in her left hand. She explains that she was at home when she caught Kayla tossing a teddy bear around her room and she figured that the teddy bear must've belong to one of the children of the bay area--especially since Lola is the only girl she knows who still has a teddy bear. Lola's father is glad to have Lola's teddy bear back and thanks them for returning it. The mother forces Kayla to apologize to the Ambassador and punishes her by not letting her go to the mall for an entire week, much to Kayla's dismay.

Lola is glad to have Mr. Snuggles back and thanks Clyde for stopping Kayla and saving Mr. Snuggles, but she's still curious as to why he gets out of his loincloth to fight her off. Clyde explains it's a skin condition and that he can't help it. As soon as he leaves, Lola suggests to play video games, but this time without Mr. Snuggles in her hand, which is a smart choice as remarked by Tommy.


Quotes Edit

(after fighting off Kayla)

  • Clyde: I tell you, no one can out stand me, Clyde, the Wild Boy of the jungle! (laughs)
  • Katie: (peeks into the room) Yeah, Clyde, it's great that you stopped Kayla and everything, but, uh, you're naked.
  • Clyde: What? (looks down and screams) Franny, fetch me my loincloth!

(the returning of the teddy bear)

  • Kayla's Mother: I'm afraid we owe you an apology, Mr. Mbola, I discovered Kayla tossing this around her room, and since your daughter is the only girl in the bay area who still has a teddy bear, I figured it was yours.
  • Ambassador Mbola: I wondered where this went!
  • Kayla's Mother: Now, Kayla, what do you say?
  • Kayla: Sorry, Mr. Lola's father.
  • Kayla's mother. And she's not going to the mall for an entire week!
  • Kayla: What?

(a brief discussion with Lola and Clyde)

  • Lola: Thanks for saving Mr. Snuggles, Clyde.
  • Clyde: Hey, no problem, Lola, it's my job to help those in need.
  • Lola: I still have question. Why does your loincloth always fall off whenever you unleash your unstoppable rage at the bad guys? Like you did with Kayla?
  • Clyde: Well, to tell you the truth, it's a skin condition, that's just how I fight off bad guys, I can't help it. Unless if I get me some underwear that is.


  • This is the first appearance of Lola's teddy bear, Mr. Snuggles
  • This also marks the first time Clyde has a special power whenever someone angers him, by either making fun of him (as Kayla did) or messing with his friends, he tears off his loincloth and uses his muscular fighting skills at his victim, which blinds their eyes, and Clyde will always tell them, "I tell you, no one can out stand me, Clyde the Wild Boy of the jungle!" Until he realizes he's nude and grabs the loincloth back.
  • Gus does not appear in this episode.
  • Kayla's voice is similar to Amy Rose's in Sonic X.

Transcript Edit

Lola's Teddy Bear/Transcript

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