Lola Swallows a Horse is a fan-made epiosde of Robotboy that focuses on Lola.


Lola tells a little white lie to get a sparkly ball she wants, then keeps having to embellish it to maintain her cover story.


During History class, Mr. Fournier teaches the students about how the song "I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly" became so catchy. Lola can't understand why the old lady would swallow a horse or why she swallowed a fly in the first place. Tommy then says to her that people often do strange things for no reason.

Around recess, Tommy finds a rubber ball in the preschool sandbox. He, Gus, and Katie squabble over it. Lola falsely claims that the ball was given to her by nanny, Tillie Carlson. Tommy wants to ask Tillie to give him one too.

When Tommy and the others visit Lola to ask about the ball, Lola lies that Marie-Hélène is sick and that she may have caught it too. Tommy is suspicious and looks through the window. Lola has to keep up the pretense.

Sometime later, Donnie tries to reassure Tommy that Lola is telling the truth, only for Tommy to remind him that he is a his bully. Tommy sees Tillie at the checkout.

The next day in school, Tommy, Gus, and Katie try to catch Lola lying. Lola claims to be feeling better after taking medicine, that the person in the supermarket was Tillie Carlson's twin sister Carlson Tillie, and that Tillie is in the hospital.

That evening Debbie Turnbull calls on the phone to speak to Lola's father. When she mentions that Tommy told her about Tillie, Lola claims that her father is not home, then tells her father that the call came from a telemarketer.

After Dwight tucks Tommy into bed and says good night, Robotboy tries to assure Tommy that whatever Lola is doing is just a phase and it will wear off. But Tommy was still not sure. He's not even sure he can trust her again.

At night she has a dream in which she and a talking horse are being chased by a giant Tommy who calls her liar. An old lady gives her shelter. She claims to have magical powers and offers Emily food, which turns out to be a fly. The old lady suggests eating other animals just as in the song. When Lola is skeptical, the old lady admits to having lied and then been unable to stop lying. She has no magical powers either, so Lola is caught by the giant Tommy. Lola wakes up and tells her father about everything that has happened for the past couple of days and starts to cry, her dad insists that she should just tell the truth, but she is worried that Tommy might not trust her anymore.

The next day in the backyard, Lola apologizes to her friends. None of them wants the ball anymore, but they forgive Lola and play tag. Clyde the Wild Boy drops by and picks up the ball and declares it his, as he could use it to play fetch with Franny.



  • Lola says that cheval in French means "ball," but the word cheval actually means "horse."
  • Halitosis is the medical term for "bad breath."
  • The soap opera that Lola and her nanny watch is the same soap opera that appears in "Is There a Doctor in the House?" and "Lola's Bad Cold."
  • Tommy recalls learning about lying in "The Boy Who Cried Kamikazi."


  • Lola: (near the end of her dream) I'm sorry, Tommy, I don't know why I lied! Please, I'll give you the ball!
  • Lola: So, I had to tell another lie to cover up the first lie, and it just kept getting bigger and bigger.
  • Gus: So, there is no Carlson Tillie? (Lola shakes her head no)
  • Katie: Oh, that's too bad. I was gonna give her one of my crop top shirts just so people wouldn't confuse her for Tillie.
  • Lola: I'm sorry, Katie.
  • Tommy: But why on earth would you lie to us in the first place? We're your friends.
  • Robotboy: Yeah, friends.
  • Lola: Because I wanted this. (hands Tommy the ball) Here, it's yours, you found it.
  • Tommy: All that lying over one little rubber ball? You can keep it.
  • Lola: No way! After all the trouble it caused me, I never want to see it again!
  • Clyde: (swings in with a Tarzan yell) Oh, look at the distance! (lands) A blue rubber ball. That could be just the thing I need to play fetch with Franny. (swings off with the Tarzan yell)
  • Tommy: I just know he's lying, Donnie. I mean, who eats ice cream when they're sick?
  • Donnie: I do, so do you. Everyone does.
  • Tommy: That's true.

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