Nix Digitized

Nix (Erikson), Eddy's first creation.

Nix is a semi-operational, highly unstable robot created by Eddy Erikson. His computer system is self-correcting and managing, meaning that no one can control it. Nix is used by Eddy and Tommy Turnbull to prevent a nuclear war in Robotboy and the Question of Triton. Nix is named after the moon of Pluto, and is voiced by Douglas Rain in a different pitch than his robot 'brother', Triton.


Nix was designed at a slightly larger scale than Triton. He is powered by 5 RTG’s, or Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators. Flight is achieved by liquid hydrogen engines that make up his legs and feet. Protection is achieved with Carbon 40/40 alloy armor plating. Defenses are made up of a .50 caliber machine gun, an optical targeting system, deployable solar sails, exo-heat shields, and a deployable mortar system. Superactivation generates 2000W at full power, and regular activation generates 220W.


After speaking with Professor Moshimo, Eddy decides to create a self-sustaining robot of his own. His father, Mikael supplies him with the equipment and manpower necessary with help from his colleagues at NASA. After Eddy completed the NIX AI system that would power the robot’s thoughts, actions, and feelings, the two powered Nix on. He was extremely unresponsive and violent, leading Eddy to pull the plug on the RTG’s they had used for him. Nix was then put into storage as resetting his computer meant virtually destroying all of the software, and Eddy began work on a better robot, called Styx.

Nix Raw

A typical Nix Narrow-Angle Image readout. Inputs are colors received by Nix, and outputs are the finished image.

Robotboy and the Question of Triton

An attack is planned by Bjorn Bjornson in cooperation with the International Central Affairs on the US, with an end goal of killing the owners of the robots and claiming them for reprogramming to take over total control of the world. After much deliberation, Tommy contacts Lola Mbola and Dr. Kamikaze to help them in their attempt to save the world. Professor Moshimo and Eddy join forces to make a new program capable of being run up at the same time on multiple robots, naming their creation Miranda. They install Miranda into Robotboy, Protoboy, Robotgirl, Triton, Nix, and Styx, and together with Styx leading the way, they eventually destroy the chemical and nuclear weapons that the ICA had planned to use on the US.

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