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4'7 (age 10)
4'8 (age 11)
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5'2 (age 13)
5'5 (age 14)
5'8 (age 15+)
Janine Register (mother), Kerry Register (father), Gordon Register (brother), Millie Register (sister), Lucy Jackson (maternal grandmother), Jack Jackson (maternal grandfather) Krystal (future wife)

Perry Henry Register (born September 15, 1993) is an 11 year old Australian boy who is Tommy's new best friend. He was born in Sydney, Australia, and later moved to the Bay Area. He is voiced by Christian Byers. In the live-action films, he is portrayed by TBA.


Unlike Gus, Perry is a kind guy. He never took too kindly to Gus' foolish behaviour, hence calling him "Goose" like Moshimo. He's always willing to hang out with his best friends, Tommy, Lola, Oliver, Melanie, and the girl of his dreams, Krystal. Perry even wills to lend a helping hand to those who are in trouble. He loves to make puns, often causing everyone around him to groan "Perry!".


Perry has brown hair and wears a dark red T-shirt with a bright green "P" on the front, blue shorts, dark red socks and white sneakers.

Bio Edit

Perry Register was born in Sydney, Australia, to Kerry and Janine Register. Shortly after his brother turned 18, Perry and his parents moved to America to start a new life. Janine got a job as a hairdresser, and Kerry just stayed at home. Perry was introduced to his class and made fast friends with Tommy and Lola, but not-so-fast friends with Goose. When Lola was taken away by Doctor Kamikazi one day, Perry told Tommy. Because he didn't know the evil genius, Perry described his detail. That got Tommy motivated to help out. That didn't go without Kamikazi trapping Perry himself. After the rescue, Lola kissed everyone out of gratitude. Perry was pleased he helped out.

Catchphrases Edit

  • "Makes a random pun". People around him: "Perry!"


  • Percy (by Professor Moshimo, Gus, Kurt and Dr. Kamikazi)
  • Perrykins (by Krystal and Grace)


  • On numerous occasions, Perry has been called "Percy". This is either due to people not knowing how to say his name properly or a reference to his friendship with Tommy, referencing Percy's friendship with Thomas the Tank Engine.
  • On several occasions, Perry's been called a platypus, usually by his parents. This is due to how Perry is Australian and how platypuses are native to Australia and a shout-out to Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb. This is the very same reason his parents call him a monotreme.


Perry OC
Krystal flirting with Perry

Krystal, aged 18, confessing her full love for Perry, aged 19.

Krystal on bench perry

Perry, aged 16-almost-17, holding the hand of Krystal, aged 15-nearly-16, wth Wendy, aged 15-almost-16.

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