Reach for the Skies is a fan-made epiosde of Robotboy that focuses on Clyde the Wild Boy.


After being visited by Lola's country cousin, Lila (E.G. Daily), Clyde tries to find his inner cowboy.


As Tommy, Robotboy, Clyde, and Gus play catch. Lola recieves a letter in the mail that her cousin from the old country is coming to visit, having his friends never met him, Lola tells them that her name is. Clyde wonders what so special about Lila? Lola tells Clyde that she knows a lot about cowboys, western movies, and cattle. Clyde, being a jungle boy, is not too familiar with cows. Lola assures Clyde that when Lila arrives, he'll understand.

Later that afternoon, Lila arrives along with her father (Jim Cummings) and her uncle (Jason Alexander). She is delighted to be visiting the city for the first time. Lola introducers her to her friends, once she reaches Clyde, she gets disgusted by Clyde's appearance, because all he wears is a loincloth and sandals. He explains that he was just raised by elephants, and he wants to be a western person like her. Lila explains if he needs to find his inner cowboy, he should not wear the loincloth as she calls it a big fashion no-no.

Meanwhile, Dr. Kamikazi and Constantine were spying on them, and Dr. Kamikazi gets an idea to disguise theirselves as evil hombres in the west to trap Robotboy and Lola's country cousin.

In Lola's room, Lila dresses Clyde like a cowboy, with him fully clothed, Lila can now say hello to him. She also apologizes about blinding herself from him, Clyde assures her it's no big deal. Clyde also acknowledges that he kind of looks good in the cowboy suit. As he comes out for his friends, he declares "Howdy, partners!"

Outside the backyard, Lila is ready to teach him all the kinds of cowboy-ish things that cowboys do. Like, try to lasso cattle, but he can't quite get the rope tossing right. They also try riding on a horse, but he can't seem to stay on the saddle! She also gets him to try out spicy hot food, in response, he shouts "That's a spicy chili!"

Sometime later, Lila is starting to feel down on herself because she can't seem to make a good cowboy out of Clyde. When all of a sudden, Dr. Kamikazi and Constantine riding on wild horses and capture Robotboy and Lila, and she yells out! "Help! I'm takem hostage! Daddy! Uncle Sam!"

As Clyde explains his situation with his friends, Lila's father runs over and tells them that Lila's been taken kidnapped! The kidnapper left a note, "Bring your friends to my lair if you ever want to see your daughter again! Then maybe I'll go easy on her!" Lila's uncle explains that somebody's gotta go help her niece, and Lila means everything to him and the father. Clyde, understanding how they feel, decides to go find Lila, that way, he'll be able to find his inner cowboy. He calls Lila's horse and they and Lola gallop over to Dr. Kamikazi's lair. While they borrowed Tommy's watch.

At the lair, Clyde realizes that the evil hombres were actually Dr. Kamikazi and Constantine. Clyde wonders how they pulled that off, Dr. Kamikaze explains they watched a lot of western movies. Clyde gets so angry that he explains, "If you don't let me friends go this instant, you'll be sorry!" And Dr. Kamikazi taunts "And what are you gonna do?" Clyde lassos perfectly at Dr. Kamikazi and Constantine, at that point, he realized he found his inner cowboy. This of course gives Lola the opportunity to free Lila and Robotboy and he goes into superactive mode. With the help of Clyde, he and Robotboy were able to stop Dr. Kamikazi and Constantine and pin them down. And Clyde threatens Kamikazi to let his friends go, or he'll get nasty. Kamikazi gives in and lets them go. But he's not finished, he will return! Clyde then remarks "Every gun sings a tune!"

Moments later, Clyde tells his friends about how he found his inner cowboy, and it wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for Lila. But then, Lila is told by his dad that they need to head home. While it is a shame, she promises that she'll return. And as they leave, Clyde resumes to wearing his loincloth.



  • This episode pays homage to many western movies like Pecos Bill, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, and High Noon, but mostly The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, where during the battle sequence, the theme for "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" arranged here by Hans Helewaut can be heard.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of semi-regular, Lola's country cousin, Lila.


  • Clyde: Okay, Lila, what does it take to be a real cowboy?
  • Lila: Well, first of all, lose the loincloth, big fashion no-no.
  • Clyde: Not the loincloth or I'll be naked.
  • Lila: No, I mean put on something else.
  • Clyde: (at Dr. Kamikazi) Reach for the sky, Kamikazi!
  • Clyde: I think I'm better off being a jungle boy than a cowboy. (looks at his costume and puts it back on) Then again, you'll never know. (rides on Franny like a horse) Giddyup, Franny! Yee--haw!

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