My ideas if Robotboy comes back with a 5th season that should be aired to Cartoon Network

Note: This season will have a new intro and credits.

Episodes Edit

Protogirl's Awakening (3-part): Ever since 4 years, it has been speculated that there used to be a girlfriend of Protoboy. Until she was mentioned by Moshimo that she worked on him along with Protoboy at the same time.

Fears of the Next Century: Robotboy begin to fear that he might oversee Tommy's loss in the next century.

Tommy's Birthday: Tommy realizes that it's his 12th birthday, so his family (including Robotboy) takes him to a pizza palace, however Gus takes advantage of the party.

Bamerbot Boy: Robotboy hears that Moshimo invented 3 years ago before Protoboy, Bamerbotboy (aka Robotboy 0.0), however he was much more aggressive than Protoboy and got stolen by a grandfather of Dr. Kamikazi.

Womancation: Debbie takes Lola Mbola to a forest camp for 3 days and 2 nights. (Spinoff of the Mancation episode)

Game Time: Tommy loses the game Human Fist Xtreme on his YouPod, however he somehow gets sucked into the game along with Robotboy.

Lights, Camera, Ro, Action!: Tommy decides to make his own movie with his mom's camera starring Tommy himself, Gus, Lola, Donnie and Robotboy.

Doublet Trouble: Debbie and Dwight decide Tommy and Robotboy to babysit two little girls while they go out shopping, however it doesn't go as planned.

Robotgirl III: Moshimo sends Robotgirl to be fixed. (Sequel of The Return of Robotgirl)

Lil' Robotboy: Robotboy finds a potion that makes him small and tries to make himself big again.

The Joint Ones: TBA

Domestic Controlling: Robotboy decides to domestically control himself.

Young-Old at Best: Robotboy pretends to act mature.

Bay Area Centennial: Bay Area celebrates 100 years of business with a party, so Tommy and Robotboy need to make a cake and deliver some presents for the party before it ends.

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