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Robotboy and the Titanium Quest is an upcoming animated sci-fi action comedy film based on the show created by Jan Van Rijsselberge.


Robotboy, Robotgirl and the gang faces an invasion of aliens and they must face its evil emperor and stop the invasion before it's too late.


The film starts with our gang consisting of Robotboy, Robotgirl, Tommy, Lola and Gus playing outside Tommy’s yard. Their playtime goes pretty well until Robotgirl gets hit by the frisbee and she falls down. She wakes up and acts like her friends are in danger, but Lola calms her down. Tommy then gets an idea that they should visit the Titanium factory to make titanium armor for Robotboy and Robotgirl. Unfortunately, the titanium factory was closed because of the explosion.

Upon arriving at the Titanium factory, the gang is disappointed that the factory was being closed for good, and there were no titanium materials left. Just when they were gonna go home, Tommy hears on the radio that Bay Area is under attack, over there, they find out its Kamikazi and Affenkügels doing and they are even cooperating. They brought with them an army consisting of both robots and blobs to terrorize the Bay Area, but our heroes go to kick their butts.

Two minutes later,





  • The film takes place right after the special Robotboy: The Wrath of Robotman and the film Robotboy: Superactivated Forever.
  • Ula, Henry, and Sid will turn good.