Sylvia Sydney

Sylvia Sydney, girlfriend of Eddy Erikson.

Sylvia Sydney is a 13-year-old American girl living in Alabama. After the events in Robotboy and the Question of Triton, Sylvia begins dating Eddy Erikson and decides to create her own sister. After trial and error, the end result is Vesta, named after the second largest asteroid in the solar system. She is voiced by Christina Aguilera.


Sylvia is known for commonly wearing a t-shirt that closely resembles that of Eddy Erikson's, but with the full Project Miranda logo on it. She also wears Vesta's activation necklace around her neck, which is red when Vesta is powered on. She's also known for wearing bell bottoms similar to those that Eddy wears, and she bears a similar resemblance to Bambi.


Sylvia was born to David and Lynn Sydney, and was named after an asteroid in the asteroid belt. At age 13, she witnessed the attempted nuclear attack and near death of her crush, Eddy Erikson. She introduced herself and explained that she too was designing an AI named VESTA. Eddy liked the idea of working on a new robot, and decided to help her start creating Vesta.

Sylvia Sydney and Eddy Erikson

Sylvia Sydney and her boyfriend Eddy Erikson to scale.

Creation of Vesta

Vesta was created with the help of Professor Moshimo and Eddy Erikson within Eddy’s basement workshop. Primarily designed out of leftover NASA equipment and a new metal named Carbon 50/50, Vesta was to become more powerful than Triton Erikson, the most powerful robot at the time. Also running on the Miranda Network, the new hub for all robot intercommunication, Vesta befriended Triton Erikson and quickly became his “girlfriend”. The two partook in a series of space exploration projects, including deep space flights to the actual asteroid Vesta, and the actual moon of Neptune, Triton.

Vesta and Sylvia.png

Vesta and Sylvia Sydney to scale.

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