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The Dodgeball Match is a fan-made episode of Robotboy that focuses on Tommy Turnbull


Tommy, Gus, and Katie confidently expect to win an upcoming dodge ball championship, even though the only thing they ever practice is their victory dance. Then they come up against an unbeatable dodge ball team – the Otomo Players.


The episode begins with Dr. Kamikazi and Constantine robbing a museum and the Tommy and his friends confronting them. Dr. Kamikazi gives them a choice, stop them or save the citizens from blowing up. They believe this is unfair, but the duo doesn't care. The heroes point out that cheating is wrong and end up both stopping them and saving the citizens. Tommy tells them, "Cheaters never prosper", followed by Gus stating, "Never, ever".

Sometime later, back at Tommy's house, Tommy and his friends prepare for the upcoming dodgeball practicing their victory dance. They reflect on last year how they destroyed the competition (which was made up of much younger, non-super powered kids, including the Little Girl).

Then Clyde and Lola wonder why they won't be playing. Tommy, Gus and Katie explain to them it's because Clyde had beaten up a player naked by accident the competition last year after he got hit, and how Lola got badly injured. However, they will let them help out being their cheerleaders on the bench.

The team enter the dodgeball arena with Lola and Clyde doing their cheerleading stunts. As the heroes are overconfident and ready to play, they see that their opponents are Dr. Kamikazi and Constantine with Bambi and Kurt warming the bench. Tommy and the others are still confident that they'll win. However, they destroy them in a matter of seconds. They are annoyed by this due to that they, apparently, never lose.

Disturbed by this, Tommy and the others confront the duo again as they rob a bank. They don't want to stop them (at least not yet), they just want a rematch, with Lola and Clyde still on the sidelines. Again, they are defeated by Dr. Kamikazi in a matter of seconds. Tommy and the others are even more agitated that they've been beaten twice now. They even consider actually practicing, so that's what they did, despite thinking that would be too much work. Meanwhile, Dr. Kamikazi decides to Constantine that they will resort to cheating which Constantine agrees with after a brief argument. Their form of cheating involved using their powers to enhance their dodgeball skills.

In the championship, Tommy and his friends easily defeat Bambi and Kurt's team by playing fair. Then the Titans go up against the H.I.V.E. Five for one final time. Despite Dr. Kamikazi's cheating, Tommy and the others were able to dodge most of their attacks. Then Tommy points out that the Dr. Kamikazi and Constantine are cheating, but thy don't seem to care. Then, while the duo are distracted, The team takes out all two of them in a matter of seconds. Tommy and his friends are the dodgeball champions and receive the championship trophy. And Tommy makes a call and the police arrest Dr. Kamikazi and Constantine and they win by default, which upsets the villains. They celebrate with their victory dance, which now includes Starfire, Raven, and even Silkie, each with their own dance.



  • This is a parody of 2004 film Dodgeball A true underdog story.
  • Throughout the episode, except for the very beginning, Clyde spends most of the episode in a sports uniform as opposed to his loincloth.
  • The Otomo Players are named after Kamikazi's last name.