Erikson Family

The entire Erikson robot team, and Eddy Erikson at actual size.

The Erikson robots are a series of three self-sustaining, self-upgrading, self-correcting robots designed by Eddy Erikson with help from his father, Mikael Erikson and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The first of the three, Nix Erikson, was extremely unstable and unwilling to obey commands, so Eddy had it powered down. Styx Erikson was never powered up because his father believed that, since Styx could learn at twice the rate of Nix, the same instability could plague it. Eddy put Styx into storage and used the leftover software and material to create Triton Erikson, the robot equal to Eddy in size and attitude. Triton was the perfected version of Nix and Styx. All three robots run on very similar programs and are all powered by Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators at various wattages. Styx is the only one of the three to be painted with a "Razzle-Dazzle" dazzle camouflage. Nix is the only one of the three to have an optical targeting system to quickly lock onto enemies. Triton is the only one of the three to have a high-speed downlink capability of 4GB/s. All three Erikson robots participated in saving the world in "Robotboy and the Question of Triton".

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