The Tragic Ghoul Bus is a Halloween fan story written by ArthurEngine.

Plot Edit

Gus Turner, who had been killed by Felonious Hexx turning him into a goose, thus turning him into a ghost, decides to drive a rusty old school bus on Halloween.

Trivia Edit

  • The title is a pun on the Scholastic educational book series and its animated TV adaptation, The Magic School Bus.
  • This story contains numerous references to The Magic School Bus besides the title.
    • Oliver begging for the bus trip to be gentle and safe, causing Tommy, Lola, Perry, Krystal and Melanie to say *insert conditions here* "No way!" is like Arnold begging "Please, let this be a normal field trip!" with Wanda (in the original) or Dorothy Ann (in the sequel) saying "With the Frizz?" and everyone else chiming in "No way!
    • In addition, Oliver's quote "I knew I should've stayed in my country!" is based on Arnold's catchphrase "I knew I should've stayed home today!"
    • Krystal used Dorothy Ann's catchphrase "According to my research..."
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