A Boy on the Wild Side is a fan-made episode of Robotboy that focuses on Tommy Turnbull

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Tommy orders fake arms with inflatable muscles to impress Lola.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The episode begins with Tommy, Lola, and Robotboy playing a game of hide and seek. Then Lola asks Tommy if he could lift some weights. Tommy tries, but they're just too heavy. Just then, Clyde swings by via Tarzan yell and vine and Tommy shows him his weak "muscles," bragging about his "state of the art weight set." However, Clyde bluntly tells him that he is not going to gain any muscle mass unless he starts using his own personal training program. Tommy is ecstatic, imagining himself in various situations - fighting against Dr. Kamikaze, defeating his brother Donnie, and sleeping - with a bodybuilder's physique, and agrees to come to Clyde's jungle home at 5 AM to begin his new workout.

In the jungle, Tommy is put through a progressively intense series of warm-up exercises from push-ups to boxing to running on a treadmill, each resulting in him falling over. Clyde now takes the less than enthusiastic Tommy to the "arm cruncher," to which the sight of the contraption drives Tommy away, only leaving a phone in Clyde's grasp. Back home, Tommy is despondent and in pain at how difficult working out actually is until a voice addresses him from the TV, calling him a wimp. It is a commercial for the Muscle Arms, a set of inflatable muscle balloons with options ranging from normal to "veiny," and "for the ladies... hairy!," with a man demonstrating its uses. His mother, Debbie Turnbull finds this skeptical, but Tommy is interested and goes to buy some.

Later, while wearing the Muscle Arms, Tommy heads for the beach, freaking out everyone else along the way. Once he gets there, everyone is awestruck by "Muscle Turnbull," and follows him to the Juice Bar. Clyde and Lola come along asking Gus and Katie where Tommy is and finds him surrounded by his new fans. A short moment where Tommy cannot move his drink reveals the downside of his Muscle Arms: because the "muscles" are just air inside an arm-shaped balloon, he is still a weakling, but manages to avoid detection by sipping the straw from a distance. Lola is naturally confused as to how he managed to gain muscles so quickly, to which Tommy replies that he found his own secret workout. Intrigued, Clyde asks what the secret was; putting Tommy on the spot as everyone else also wants to know.

Tommy manages to fool them by bending his arms up and down as his secret workout, pushing aside skepticism by pointing out the results. Everyone else begins to bend their arms around while Clyde congratulates Tommy for finally finding a workout that works for him. To Tommy's surprise, he then suggests he needed to put those muscles to the test, and it just so happens the Volleyball Toss Competition is today. Completely caught off guard, Tommy doesn't notice a drink being placed on top of his Muscle Arms and tries to tell Clyde he is not interested, but he decides to go sign them up anyway. Scared of being exposed, he tries to stop him but finds himself pressured down by the drink. The panicking Tommy finally catches up to Clyde after the waiter takes the drink off of his hand, sending him flying into the pole next to him. Unfortunately, Clyde has already signed them up, and there's no turning back.

At the Volleyball Toss, everyone is preparing themselves, except for the worried and unsure Tommy. He nervously says he is ready when Clyde comes by to check, but quickly begins inflating more into his Anchor Arms in desperation when he turns away and because Lola's in the audience. Then, for sports' sake, Clyde tosses off his loincloth. The host announces the start of the 8th Annual Volleyball Toss Competition, with Don making the first toss. His volleyball lands at 200 yards, with an "instant replay" crushing the helpless measurer. Next up is Janet Wolfgang; the measurer, not wanting to be crushed again, tries to run out of firing range, but the volleyball tracks him and crushes him at 210 yards. Clyde is up next, and launches his volleyball into the air with his feet; the measurer desperately tries to outrun the volleyball but is hit at 510 yards, putting Clyde in the lead.

It's finally Tommy's turn, with the crowd chanting his name. Tommy tries to lift the volleyball, but only manages to pull it on top of himself. He manages to pass it off as a joke, but knows that he can't keep the charade up; he is going to be exposed as a phony. However, he decides he has to try anyway and blows his arms up to the "jerk" size, apparently breaking them. He puts all of his might into lifting the anchor, but all it does is push the air into various parts of his body and eventually the Muscle Arms explode out of overinflation, revealing Tommy as a weak fraud.

Upon realizing this, the crowd exclaims that he lost and start cheering for Clyde, since she won. Clyde himself is quite proud, but Tommy is quite disappointed. He apologizes to everybody for what was going on, and Lola explains to Tommy that he just needs to be himself. Tommy wonders if is there anything he can make up for, and Clyde has something in mind.

Back in the jungle, Tommy's punishment is to lift weights 100 times with feet, much to his discomfort. Clyde figures they have finally found an exercise that works for him just as the weights crush Tommy and he asks for help.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The man in the commercial for Muscle Arms breaks the fourth wall when he says "Hey, hey you!" in the first part of the commercial. This means he was talking to the people who were watching the TV, but also to Tommy.
  • The scores for the volleyball toss are as follows, Clyde the Wild Boy: 510 yards (466.344 meters) (winner), Janet Wolfgang: 210 yards (192.024 meters) (second place), Don: 200 yards (182.88 meters) (third place), and Tommy: 0 yards (000.000 meters) (loser)
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