Travelling through Cyber Race is a fan fiction.


Katie had invited her friends over to play a trivia game and to watch TV, but when they were watching a show Melanie wanted to watch, they touched the TV, and they ended up in that show.


  • References to the English children's show, Thomas the Tank Engine (Melanie asked a trivia question about it), the Canadian children's show, Arthur (Perry mistakenly called it "After"), the Welsh children's show, Fireman Sam (Oliver mistakenly called it "Foreman's Tram"), and the American sitcom Cheers (Perry called it "Cheese" by mistake) were made.
  • The following shows are parodies of the real shows:
    • Horses of Pedestria = My Little Pony
    • Timmy the Tender Engine = Thomas the Tank Engine
    • Stephanie Galaxy = Steven Universe
    • Carpetmice = Rugrats
    • Sailor Comet = Sailor Moon
    • Magic Cool Boss = The Magic School Bus
    • Lou's Bow Bay = Luo Bao Bei
    • Cyber Race = Cyberchase
    • Turbo Cats = Turbo Dogs
    • Rat Alfred = Fat Albert
    • Numbername Kids Upstairs = Codename Kids Next Door
    • Only Tools and Turtles = Only Fools and Horses
    • Cross Capybaras = Angry Beavers
      • Furthermore, there are more references to the Canadian math educational children's series, Cyberchase apart from the name:
        • Thewmat's name is spoonerism on Matthew
        • Ezin's name is spoonerism on Inez
        • Kiejac's name is spoonerism on Jackie
        • Whacker is a parody of Hacker.
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