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Ula is the primary antagonist in the upcoming special Robotboy: The Wrath of Robotman and the tertiary antagonist turned supporting protagonist in the film Robotboy and the Titanium Quest.

Ula is a sea witch pirate working for Professor Chronos and the leader of a motley crew of pirates. She is known to be one of Robotboy's worst enemies.

She is voiced by Nicki Minaj.


Ula is a beautiful, average height, light and dark skinned girl with thick, long, curly teal hair with blue at the bottom and top. Her makeup is lightly made, with an exception to her turquoise colored eye-shadow. She wears a blue leather jacket that is slightly military looking to represent her leadership and strength as a captain. Ula sports a blue mesh shirt under her military jacket as well. She also wears a belt along with a blue fringed skirt, (sometimes is seen wearing the skirt with blue fishnet tights) and purple distressed boots.She also wears fingerless, leather blue gloves and a sheath to hold her sword. Her blue pirate hat, leather jacket, and purple shoes are all distressed. She even has blue lips, blue eyes, and pink earrings.


Ula is sassy, manipulative, cruel, ruthless, and ambitious. Though she has a tough exterior, she seems to care deeply for her crew along with the other people who are being mistreated. Ula is still a villain and has different ways when it comes to treating strangers and enemies, like Robotboy.


  • Her personality and appearance is similar and her name is a reference to Uma from the Descendants franchise.