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Vesta Sydney, the first robot crated by Sylvia Sydney and the only robot run with a Sylvia Sydney designed AI.

Vesta Sydney was created by Sylvia Sydney, Eddy Erikson's girlfriend, and is the culmination of the Miranda subsystem created by Eddy Erikson and Professor Akira Moshimo to save the world in Robotboy and the Question of Triton, and Sylvia Sydney’s VESTA AI. Vesta becomes Triton Erikson’s “girlfriend” and is named after the asteroid.

Vesta is run up with the MIRANDA AI subsystem perfected by Eddy Erikson and Professor Moshimo and Sylvia Sydney’s VESTA AI. She is powered by twelve Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators, with a superactivated power output of an incredible 12,000 watts, and 600 watts at regular activation. Primarily designed for fighting, Vesta is equipped with a wide and narrow angle camera, respectively, which photograph in a red filter, hence the color of her “eyes”, and a photopolarimeter located on her left shoulder, which detects laterally polarized scattering of sunlight. Defense is achieved by a Carbon 50/50 alloy armor, a newly invented metal composite, a titanium endoskeleton, a .50 caliber machine gun, dual shoulder “Ghost” rocket launchers, dual boot “Ghost” rocket launchers, a deployable mortar system, an optical targeting system, and a deployable low/high gain antenna for data transmission. Total data storage is in excess of 390 TB. She overtakes Triton Erikson as the strongest and most powerful robot ever created. She is voiced by Monica Rial.

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